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Improving outcomes in colorectal cancer | Guidance and guidelines | NICE

We checked this guideline and decided that it should be updated. The update of the guideline on colorectal cancer (NICE guideline CG131) will include areas covered by the guideline on improving outcomes in colorectal cancer (NICE guideline CSG5) that have not been superseded by other NICE guidance.
about 2 years ago

Occupational medicine at a turning point - Occupational and Environmental Medicine

With the successful control of many of the most serious occupational hazards to health, the focus of occupational medicine in developed countries has shifted to other work related disorders that are rarely fatal but cause substantial disability. This paper hypothesises that many of these disorders do not arise from detectable organic pathology, but rather are a psychologically mediated response to triggering exposures that is conditioned by individual characteristics and cultural circumstances. If correct, this has important implications for the way in which such illness should be managed and prevented. Proposals are made for ways in which the hypothesis could be tested.
over 2 years ago

Use of Social Media while studying/practicing Medicine

This guidance was released today in the UK and if you haven't read it, it comes into effect in April and essentially is saying: we are allowed to maintain private online social profiles but must be aware if patients can access these and how we handle it if they contact us; any opinions voiced we have to make it clear it is our own and conduct yourself online as you would face to face with regards to confidentiality and boundaries. This is quite interesting for me, as in our medical school there have been select cases of social media being used in disciplinary processes and I know myself that some of the photos I had on Facebook (I have deleted it) were not exactly portraying myself as the 100% professional doctor the GMC would love me to be. But then reading the guidance, it makes no mention of content from when you were younger. When I'm an F1 will anybody really care about the drunk photos of me from freshers week 6 years ago and will these be taken out of context? I get the impression most people won't, but some might. I really think they should have put a summarising take-home message in there somewhere: don't take the p**s, think before you post, don't give out medical advice as anything but your opinion and you'll be fine.  
Conrad Hayes
over 4 years ago

What is the difference between glycosuria and glucosuria?

I can't seem to find the answer to this anywhere. Thanks!  
Jessica Michaels
about 5 years ago
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Earning While You Learn

Why you should worry about your future medical career right now, and what recourses can help you find a job if you are a med student in the UK or the US. Volunteering, part-timing, freelancing - it's up to you to decide.  
Lesley J. Vos
about 2 years ago

Cardiac Pressure-Volume Loop

This tutorial explores the relationship between pressure and volume in the left ventricle of the heart.  
over 3 years ago
Buzzword 100530476 primary.idge

One ‘Buzzword’ at a Time

The US Healthcare System Briefly Explained.  
Catherine Bruce
over 1 year ago

Heart Failure (Definition) – Cardiology | Medical Education Videos

Watch this medical education video about heart failures and prepare for your next cardiology exam! You can also watch this video and many other free lectures...
about 2 years ago