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Surprising places to find Medical Leadership

Written by jacob matthews · Thursday 9th January 2014

When I first started thinking about Medical Leadership and Management (MLM) it was because I like to see things work. When anything doesn't work, or something is inefficient or I think a system could be designed to make life easier - I get pretty annoyed.

So, being irritated in things is what got me interested in MLM, but now it seems that I spend quite a lot of time thinking about MLM just because it is so ubiquitous. Almost any day you spend in hospital will involve you witnessing MLM on an almost minute by minute basis - even if you don't notice it!

Recently, I have being working on a number of projects in my spare time (mostly out of interest but partly to secure those elusive foundation program points), which involved reading quite a few journal articles on a number of subjects ranging from the "trauma care" to "gastric banding". What surprised me was the prevalence of phrases like "....teams need greater training in medical leadership to improve patient outcomes..." or "...medical education needs to include greater emphasis of soft skills such as communication, team work and team leadership.."

The profession's views on MLM have obviously been developing for a while, within the literature and now some organisations are really taking this ethos to heart, but it is still not a universal phenomenon.

So, I thought it would be interesting to post this blog and start documenting random places where MLM is mentioned. If anyone reading this finds any surprising mentions then please do paste the link to the article in the comments section.