Surgery Mock MCQ

An obese 63 year old lady presents with jaundice. There is no history of abdominal pain. Examination of her abdomen reveals a palpable gall bladder. There is evidence of extensive pruritis.

She tells you she drinks 42 units of alcohol a week.

Her blood results are as follows:

Albumin 32 (35-50)

Alk Phos 456 (<110)

ALT 88 (<40)

Bilirubin 120 (<20)

INR 1.6

GGT 400 (0-70)

What’s the most likely diagnosis?

a. Gallstones
b. Paracetamol Overdose
c. Pancreatic cancer
d. Alcoholic Hepatitis
e. Primary billiary cirrhosis

Authored By Af Del on Monday 20th January 2014