Funding for intercalation in Masters courses.

I am completing a Masters course during the next Academic year but understand there is no support from Student Finance due to it being a "postgraduate" course. I will still be an undergraduate technically when completing this so I was wondering if anyone knew of any pots of money for intercalating students or any (legal) loopholes with student finance to help me?

If it helps I'm from Wales so any students with Student Finance Wales experience would be particularly helpful!

It's going to be an expensive year otherwise and I don't like the idea of that!

Authored By Amy Huxtable on Sunday 19th January 2014


Jonathan Chernick
Medical Student
Posted over 6 years ago

I had a look myself as I wanted to do an MSc intercalation, but funding is indeed a tight spot.

As it is a PG degree you have to be classed as a PG in order to undertake it in the first place, therefore I don't think that Student Finance is