Which exact parts of the hand are affected in carpal tunnel syndrome?

I'm asking only about sensitivity. Most pictures of carpal tunnel syndrome show that the thumb, index, middle and the adjacent half of the ring AND the related part of the hand are affected. But this image from fpnotebook.com clearly shows and says that the palm sensitivity is mediated by the branch of the median nerve that does not go through the carpal tunnel.

So, I made a new image of carpal tunnel syndrome with only fingers colored. Can anyone who is certain of this say did I make it correct or not?

Authored By Jan Modric on Tuesday 10th September 2013


Dr Syed Shakeel Ahmad
Posted almost 7 years ago

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome ( CTS ) affects the forearms and even arms and shoulder. Tingling of the fingers supplied by the median nerve, the thumb, index and lateral half of the middle finger may or may not occur or if it does it may be a late feature and