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Introducing Confidence

The free exam room by Meducation

Written by Jeremy Walker · Tuesday 15th December 2015

We're really excited to announce that we've launched Confidence, the new Exam Room by Meducation - 3,500 questions written and moderated by a team of expert doctors, students and educators, and 100% free!

Confidence offers you:

  • Revision Mode - Step through question-by-question, learning from our explanations and related resources on Meducation.
  • Mock Exam Mode - Practice in exam conditions against the clock, with no interuptions or answers until the end.
  • In Depth Analytics - Get personalised analytics showing how you're progressing and performing. View detailed stats and charts on per topic basis, and compare yourself with your peers at a question granularity.

With 3,500 questions, SBAs, MCQs, and EMQs, a variety of question styles, and loads of helpful analysis, Confidence is useful for all Medical Students and Junior Doctors. And it's 100% free. Forever!

Try Confidence Now!