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How do I add a resource?

Via the Chrome Extension

The easiest way to add content is using our Chrome Extension. The Chrome Extension attaches to the top bar and means you're only one click away from adding a resource wherever you are!

Chrome extension top bar

Via the Website

If you're not using Chrome, you can also add directly to Meducation by clicking on the blue [+] button next to the search bar shown below. This will give you three options:

Click blue button

1. Link to a Web Page

Use this option if you've come across a web page you would like to share on Meducation. Find the web page you want to link to and copy the URL.

Copy url

Paste the URL into the box below and add a discussion point or comment about the resource.

Share web page

Click on the "Share Resource" button and the web page link will be added to Meducation.

2. Start Discussion

Use this option if you have a question you would like answering or would like to start a discussion/ debate amongst the community.

Start discussion

3. Upload File

Use this option if you have an interesting resource saved on your computer that you would like to share*.

Upload file

*At the moment we support PDFs and images. If you would like to add a PowerPoint presentation please upload it to Speaker Deck and link to it using the "Link to a Web Page" option above.

The content you've added will now appear in 'Added' section of your library.

Now tag the content you've added!

Tag your resource appropriately so others see it when they visit each specialty area. You can do this by clicking on the resource adding the tags in the box shown below. You can also edit the resource description if you need to.


And that's pretty much it! If you have any questions drop Alastair an email and say hello.