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The Enemy Within: Factors impacting on alienation and engagment in Pathology registrars

Education in South Africa is characterised by historical inequalities that may lead to poor learning experiences and performance, especially amongst groups that experience isolation and disaffection. The perspective of alienated and engaged experiences of learning, taking into account the student’s social and cultural context may be more valuable to study than only focusing on approaches to learning. Aims of project: To determine the factors that have an impact on a student’s perceptions of engagement and alienation in the postgraduate pathology environment at Stellenbosch University. A cross-sectional case study through semi-structured interviews, investigating 17 postgraduate students in Pathology selected by purposive sampling, were undertaken, exploring aspects of alienation and engagement. Conclusion Factors can change have been identified and support systems that may impact on students’ learning experiences and throughput can be developed. With a view to addressing the intellectual capacity and health care needs in the country, it is crucial that these issues be investigated and adressed.  
Juanita Bezuidenhout
over 11 years ago

Heart Sounds

Tutorial summarising heart sounds and describing some pathology that can change heart sounds.  
Dr Alastair Buick
over 12 years ago

Back Pain

A short presentation looking at the epidemiology, pathology and treatment of back pain.  
James Harper
over 12 years ago