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4 items · Last updated Thursday 17th July 2014
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Immune System Flowchart

This has been designed to show how the different components of the immune system develop individually and work together. I realised that a flowchart would be an excellent way to demonstrate this and was surprised to find that there wasn’t anything suitable on the internet that linked both the innate and adaptive systems. I know the diagram looks a bit dry but if you spend 5 minutes reading through it, I hope you'll find it useful. I'll hopefully add some images to make it more appealing at a later date. The flowchart is based on information from lectures and several textbooks and has proven to be an excellent tool for revision and in developing a foundational understanding of the immune system for many students.  
Jon Curtis
over 8 years ago
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Bacteria Mind Map

Julia Marr
about 7 years ago

Antibiotics Mechanisms of Action Tutorial

My name is Armando! I am not a doctor or professor, I am a student. I make these videos cause I enjoy art and science. I hope you enjoy them!  
Nicole Chalmers
about 7 years ago
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Virus Mind Map

A simple mind map to organize the DNA and RNA viruses into similar groups for easier memorization.  
Ryan Matthews
almost 7 years ago