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primary care

child, adult, and OnG
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An elderly woman with postprandial abdominal pain

An 84 year old woman presented with a five month history of central, recurrent, severe epigastric pain, which occurred about 20 minutes after eating. This was associated with nausea, occasional diarrhoea, and vomiting. She had experienced early satiety and weight loss over the last few months. Her medical history included myocardial infarction two years earlier. She also had a 40 pack year history of smoking. On examination, she was cachectic, but physical examination and digital rectal examination were otherwise unremarkable. Blood tests—including full blood count, liver functions tests, amylase, and renal function—were normal. Chest and abdominal radiographs, abdominal ultrasound, and computed tomography of the abdomen were unremarkable. Computed tomography angiography was performed (fig 1⇓).
over 5 years ago

Diarrhoea and vomiting caused by gastroenteritis in under 5s: diagnosis and management | Guidance and guidelines | NICE

This guideline applies to children younger than 5 years who present to a healthcare professional for advice in any setting. It covers diagnosis, assessment of dehydration, fluid management, nutritional management and the role of antibiotics and other therapies. It provides recommendations on the advice to be given to parents and carers, and also considers when care should be escalated - from home management through to hospital admission.
over 5 years ago