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2 items · Last updated Thursday 12th February 2015
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Antibiotics Summary

During our antibiotics teaching at medical school we were told that a recent survey of junior doctors had revealed that a significant proportion didn't realise that augmentin, tazocin, and carbopenems were penicillins and as such should not be given to those with known allergies. I devised a "mind-map" summarising the main antibiotics in use using information from the BNF and my own lecture notes. For me, seeing the information laid out in this manner, pinned above my desk as I work, helps me remember the major classes, their relationships with one another, and their major side-effects.  
bethan goulden
almost 10 years ago

Antibiotics Mechanisms of Action Tutorial

My name is Armando! I am not a doctor or professor, I am a student. I make these videos cause I enjoy art and science. I hope you enjoy them!  
Nicole Chalmers
about 7 years ago